Four Things You Should Know About the Iranian Nuclear Deal


For the longest time, the world has been yearning for global peace. Unfortunately, world peace is something that is still a dream yet to be realized. If you pay attention to the news there is a lot of push and pull particularly in the Middle East over weapons of mass destruction, also referred to as nuclear weapons. These are deadly types of artillery that if left unmonitored could very well lead to the end of civilization on planet earth as many know it. Iran, is one of the countries commonly in the news for the wrong reasons, particularly with regard to matters concerning nuclear weapons and radicalization. That being said, you may have heard about the Iranian nuclear deal. What is it? And why should you know about it? Read on to find out more. Visit this site for more information about Iranian descent here:

The Beginning
Information from an Iranian exile group proved that Iran had certain nuclear developments they had been working on for a while. Despite global opposition, the country continued to work on their nuclear projects without giving a care in the world what others had to say. In 2006 the UN sanctioned Iran, and the EU and USA followed suit. These economic sanctions lead to a heated confrontation between Iran and the main world powers.

Stake Holders
The Iranian deal was negotiated between Iran and group of other stakeholders namely; Russia, Britain, Germany, France, China, EU & USA. This was a significant step aimed to help foster peace in the middle east area. And the main goal was to ensure Iran would not carry on with the creation of a nuclear arsenal.

Removal of Sanctions
With what seemed as an agreement among the members of the UN security council the sanctions were lifted. Most of these were economic related sanctions such as importation of oil and trade-related sanctions.

New American Leadership
With the presidency of Trump, things changed. Because he is a firm supporter of Israel, which, had raised questions regarding the sanctions and heavily opposed the Iranian deal. Mark Dubowitz the CEO of FDD is also a strong supporter of the sanctions reimposed by Trump.

Now that you know about the nuclear deal in Iran, you may or may not have mixed feelings about all this. It’s difficult to say that everyone wants the same things and people are just looking for what they need using different avenues and various motives. However, one thing is for sure. If left unchecked, Iran is one of the few countries that could very well cause major problems not just for its citizens and neighboring countries, but also for the millions of other people in different countries who know little to nothing an about nuclear weapons and what they can do.

Check out this site for more details about Iranian descent:


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