Important Things You Should Know About the Iranian Nuclear Deal


If you have heard about the war in the Middle East, you most definitely know it has to do with land, oil, and weapons. Iran happens to be one of the main players in the antagonism that is currently going on in the Middle East. Formally, known as Persia, this is a country that is blessed with a lot of oil, and that is what they have been dependent on for a long time. However, their economic activities and GDP took a nose dive after Iran has been sanctioned due to accusations of creating nuclear weapons. Below are some of the things you need to know about the Iranian nuclear deal.

Revealed Nuclear Activity
According to an Iranian exile group, it was established that Iran was working on deadly weapons that could be used to harm others. This, of course, was an issue considering that the UN and other global leaders have been rooting for dealing with deadly weapons of mass distraction.

Sanctions on Iran
In 2006 the United Nations imposed sanctions on Iran and this lead to other countries of influence following suit. The sanctions were directed at Iran’s economic strength, and they did work to weaken the state significantly.

The Deal is Signed
After a couple of years, there was a deal signed between Iran and various other stakeholders such as the USA, Germany, and Britain. The goal was to lift the sanctions, and in return, Iran would quit their nuclear activities of creating a deadly arsenal.

Barak Obama Supported the Deal
According to former president Barack Obama, the Iranian deal may not have been the exact break that would bring world peace, but it was definitely one of the best steps toward a safer world and a safer environment in the middle east.

The Deal Faced Opposition
Israel happens to be one of the most targeted countries in the Middle East for the longest time. The Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not believe that the signed deal to remove the previously imposed sanctions on Iran was a good idea. According to him, the newly gained economic power would make it easier for Iran to carry on with the creation of deadly weapons of mass distraction, which could be used to harm Israel and many other states that Iran believes to be possible enemies.

President Trump Reverted Back to Sanctions
However, when Trump comes into power, he sides with Israel claiming that Iran is involved in terrorist activities. This is a belief that leads to him reverting back to sanctioning Iran. Mark Dobowitz the CEO of FDD supported this sanction.

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